Christopher (xeno_jazz) wrote in japan_stuff,

new here

Hello everyone im the new guy that joined i love all things from japan i love talking about stuff so if anyone wants to talk with me just give me IM cya
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I'm living in Japan. I love Japan. Do you like NARUTO? It's popular in Japan.
I love naruto yea i heared it was very popular. so do u like anime? and do u like living in japan? hey im me sometime zeroxx1819
I'm living in Japan. I love NARUTO. There are DRAGON BALL , SLAM DUNK etc in Jaoanese anime. Where do you live? What do you know Japanese anime. Please tell me.
I live in madison alabama ( a really boring place) i love just about all anime i've seen alot un bleach,dragon ball, tenchi, love hina, and many others there great ^^ so tell me about yourself and about japan whats it like and what r u like? by the way my name is christopher whats yours if u dont mind me asking?
I'm college students. After graduate college, I will drive for "personal traner". Japan is popular in anime culture. People have some comic. But We read book. Thesedays,Korea culture come in Japan.Please tell me about your country culture.
what do u want to know of my countrys culture?
I want to know about the education system in your country. I'm studying various country's eduction systems.
ok the education system is ok its long and kinda hard um u take all kinda of stuff tell me about yours