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Hello! I just joined... I see there haven't been any updates in a while... I hope people still come here :o

I've been teaching myself Japanese for a while, since I want to go to Japan one day, but I still can't really...SPEAK it. I listen to a lot of Japanese music to practice my ears SOMEhow -- it's fun to pick out phrases in songs when you haven't even looked up the lyrics.

Anybody want to talk j-rock? My iPod's packed with it, but I'm always open for new bands to try out. ^_^

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hi. you seem to know quite a bit of jrock bands and stuff. i was wondering if you could help me find some more new bands to listen to. some that i really like and have music by on my ipod are speena, high and mighty color, uverworld, yui, and that's all i can think of at the moment. anyways, if you could help out in that department i would appreciate it. thanks.
Oh, I'm no expert, but I guess I could through out a few bands for you to look into... But that depends on what KIND of music you want.

A lot of people seem to listen to Gackt and Miyavi first. Then there's Hyde too. Antique Cafe (aka An Cafe, aka Antic Cafe) is a pop group if you prefer...hyper music, and Kinya Kotani takes all that and magnifies it. He's...what I listen to when I want something that works faster than a cup of coffee.

Ellegarden is a band that sings mostly English, but I find them to be really good. Janne Da Arc is wonderful - a lot of their songs are amazing. Especially lyric wise (many of the songs have translations available online).

Asian Kung-Fu Generation is rock. The Back Horn are...WEIRD. (But also one of my favorites, lol). Bump of Chicken I tried out simply because of their bizarre name, but they're good too. Buck-Tick...a lot of people seem to like a lot, but I only have a few songs of theirs, so I cannot rate :3 Fairy Fore is good too.

Gazette is harder rock, as is Alice Nine...and Dir En Grey, a band more famous in America than it is in Japan (lol)...and D'espairs Ray. Girugamesh is hard too, and Pierrot has a weird feel to it (I love the weird kind, sorry, lol).

Charcoal Filter I only have one song by (so far), but they seem to be good as well.

Porno Graffitti is peppy O.o in the 'salsa' kind of way. You DEFINITELY have to try them (despite the misleading name).

Uh... I really don't know what you like best, so it's hard to pick anything else out XD but those are my major titles.
that was extremely helpful. i appreciate you taking the time to respond. sorry i wasnt too specific. i usually like a lot of rock and pop, but i'm glad that you mentioned a variety because i really like to try lots of different genres. i use limewire to dowload some things but do you recommend any websites for downloading some of the bands you mentioned? well i will definitely check out all the bands you mentioned. thanks a million.

lisa :D You have to make an account, but it's free.
I use torrents to download most of my stuff...but those are a little complicated, so I suppose that limewire and multiply should be your best bets. (Multiply has direct downloads. You don't have to wait until somebody is online :3 it's so much faster, but finding stuff is a tad bit harder depending on what you're looking for)